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Toy / Miniature / Medium Italian Designer Magnetic Collar Wool

Toy / Miniature / Medium Italian Designer Magnetic Collar Wool

Běžná cena €95,00 EUR
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Výroba na zakázku - trvá 10-20 pracovních dní.

Neck Size

Experience pure luxury with our Italian designer piece.
Made from 100% wool and boasting a special lining, it’s a rare find for a truly elevated feel.

I personally sourced only a few meters of this exquisite fabric for a limited number of collars. Don't miss out on this exclusive experience!

Introducing our iconic Fluffy Magnetic Collar®, a groundbreaking patented invention of ours. Crafted from luxurious fabrics and lined with satin to prevent coat matting, it is exceptionally soft and fluffy. Originally designed for poodles, but suitable for all breeds.

Key Features:

  • Patented Technology: Our Fluffy Magnetic Collar® is a result of innovative design and is officially patented. This unique solution sets our collar apart from the rest.
  • Quick-Fastening Magnetic Buckle: The German-made patented magnetic buckle is not only user-friendly but also offers a static break load of 70 kg (686 N), ensuring your pet's security and safety.
  • Mat-Prevention Design: Specifically crafted for long-haired breeds, our soft and fluffy collar prevents coat matting. The satin lining keeps your pet's fur soft and tangle-free.
  • Premium Quality Materials: We prioritize using the finest materials for durability and comfort. Your pet deserves the best, and our Fluffy Magnetic Collar® delivers precisely that. Elevate your pet's style and comfort with this innovative, patented accessory.

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    Introducing our latest: The Upgraded Fluffy Chain Collar.
    With a redesigned smooth chain, expanded sizes, and fresh names - it's our spring update! Crafted from top-notch stainless steel, it's super smooth, never breaking a fabric, and guaranteed never to break. Plus, enjoy the added comfort of fluffy filling, keeping your pet cozy and their fur protected.

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How does the Fluffy Magnetic Collar® work?