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Poodle Mania Meets Safari Fluffy Magnetic Collar ® Zebra

Poodle Mania Meets Safari Fluffy Magnetic Collar ® Zebra

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Neck Size

Our iconic Fluffy Magnetic Collar ® lined with satin to prevent coat mating. Very soft and fluffy. 

Breakload: 70 KG - very safe magnetic buckle patented and made in Germany.

Handmade in Prague, Czech republic 

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Introducing our latest: The Upgraded Fluffy Chain Collar.
With a redesigned smooth chain, expanded sizes, and fresh names - it's our spring update! Crafted from top-notch stainless steel, it's super smooth, never breaking a fabric, and guaranteed never to break. Plus, enjoy the added comfort of fluffy filling, keeping your pet cozy and their fur protected.

Neck Size: Measure really tight to the skin
💡 If your dog has a full show coat and is wearing wraps, opt for a larger size or get in touch with us.

Size in Centimeters33–36.5 cm36.5–39.5 cm39.5–43 cm43–45 cm45–48 cm
Size in Inches13–14.4 in.14.4–15.6 in.15.6–16.9 in.16.9–17.7 in.17.7–18.9 in.
Size in Centimeters19–20 cm20–22 cm22–23.5 cm23.5–25 cm25–27 cm27–29 cm29–31 cm31–33 cm
Size in Inches7.5–7.9 in.7.9–8.7 in.8.7–9.3 in.9.3–9.8 in.9.8–10.6 in.10.6–11.4 in.11.4–12.2 in.12.2–13 in.

How does the Fluffy Magnetic Collar® work?