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Poodle Supply Top Knot Pillow - Princess Bubblegum - Small

Poodle Supply Top Knot Pillow - Princess Bubblegum - Small

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Dust Bag

Introducing Top Knot Pillows by Poodle Supply!
Elevate Your Poodle's Comfort and Style at grooming salon, dog shows or grooming competitions!

🐾 Ideal Size: 10 × 20 cm rounded cylinder pillow for optimal comfort.
🌟 Custom Comfort: Specially crafted foam from the Czech Republic ensures plush relaxation.
🔧 Easy Care: Internal protection cover for effortless top cover removal and washing.
🧼 Washable Top Cover: Keep it clean with a removable, washable top cover.
🌈 Stylish Branding: Poodle Supply embroidery on one side, Poodle Mania handle on the other.
👜 Storage Ready: Comes with a custom dust-bag for convenient storage & transportation.
 Personalized: Optional dog name print on the dust bag for a unique touch.

Give your poodle the luxury they deserve – Order the Top Knot Pillow now!

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